Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Politics and Costumes for 2008

As we head closer to the elections this year, more and more people will be getting together to listen to the candidates’ views or watch debates. Some may even attend election night parties. This is a perfect time to dress up and support your candidate OR poke fun at the opposing party. You have a myriad of choices when it comes to masks or patriotic accessories to dress up for your election event.

From paper to molded vinyl, there is a mask for just about every popular candidate past or present. All of the current candidates are mainly represented with paper masks except for some of the frontrunners that were well known early on in the election process. If you can’t decide on a candidate to represent, just opt for some patriotic accessories to support the country. Hats and apparel bearing red, white and blue are all available to support the USA.

Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, you can find the perfect costume to make your election event memorable!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Group Dress-Up for Halloween & Parties

Here is the scenario….you have been invited to a costume party and plan to attend with a group of friends. Everyone in your group scrambles to come up with a costume idea. It may seem like a daunting task, but why not plan a theme for your group to dress up together? Once you pick a theme, it really becomes easier for everyone involved to just pick a costume to coordinate with the theme. Are you having trouble coming up with some theme ideas? Listed below are several ideas with the number of people it would take to pull off the theme:

The Wizard of Oz characters…at a minimum, 4 people can dress the parts of the main characters. Additional people up to about 10 could cover the witches and some of the dreaded flying monkeys.

The Flintstones…this lovable family works best for 2 to 6 people. You can have a lot of fun with accessories for these costumes.

Super Heroes…remember the Justice League of America??? You can create your own Justice League with the hottest trend in costumes this season – Super Heroes. For the biggest impact, this idea would work best with 5 or more people but you could dress up with less people in one super hero theme.

Star Wars… Star Wars has been rejuvenated this year with the animated ‘Clone Wars’ movie so it is still a good choice when thinking of group costumes. You can do some research and decide what versions of the characters you want to use. You can use this idea for 2 to many people.

Bo Peep and her sheep…for 3 or more people, this idea is great for a female going to a party with several men.

Farmer Brown….everyone pick an animal that you would like to dress up as and go to the party as Farmer Brown and his barnyard animals. This is great for a large group and can be done with homemade costumes.

Gangsters…Gangsters and their girlfriends are always a good choice for couples. For a modern twist, the women can be more ‘gangster-ish’ than the typical flapper costumes that you might see.

These ideas should get the creative juices flowing. Pick your theme and then start dressing up! Arriving to an event dressed up as a group is sure to create a buzz so you will be the talk of the party.