Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa Costumes Make the Holidays Merry

Santa Costumes

Santa costumes are a must-have this time of year! From jolly dads trying to make Christmas wishes come true for their kids, to women who love to bake cookies and dress as Mrs Claus, 'tis the season to be merry.

Here is also a friendly reminder to all those busy moms and ladies that might forget to unpack the sexy Santa's helpers dresses, and the red and white lingerie that was purchased specifically for the season. Whether it's been one year or five since you last pulled your sexy Santa costume out of the closet, make sure this year it is not forgotten! 2009 has been a rough year for many men and women across the country, and the fun and memories available from just a single annual use of a sexy Santa costume can be enough to make it through another long, cold winter. A single use is better than no use, so don't forget to surprise your man again this year by wearing his favorite Santa's helper costume!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Partying Jack-o-Lanterns

I was forwarded this fun image the other day, and wanted to share with the world. I admire the thinking that led to the design of these drinking Jack o'Lanterns, and I love the progression from the first pumpkin's dizzy eyes to the last pumpkin. Whoever is responsible for this series of Jack o'Lanterns, I enjoy your creativity and how you spend your free time.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Racy Robin Hood Stole My Heart

Racy Robin Hood sexy costume stole my heart - but can you blame me? I found this sexy costume number online and ordered last week, and it has arrived and been tried on. I am so enamored with this sexy costume that I have been inspired to give a full review. After all this is the season for Halloween costumes and reviews, so why not?

The Racy Robin Hood sexy costume comes off easily - I find that to be important. The quality is exceptional for costumes, with velvet trimmings and ruffles everywhere. The hat and boot covers are included, and tights are not necessary. That's a plus for me. There is a sexy petticoat that goes on under the skirt, a lace corset style design on the dress, and a pink rose at the chest. Prices range online from $89.99 at, and going up to as high as $147 on other websites. This costume is worth the money - both in sexiness, hotness, and impressive quality.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Santa Costumes and Halloween

What is amazing to me is to be shopping for Halloween decorations, with my back facing Christmas stars and front lawn snowmen decor. So I, along with all the store merchandisers across this great country, find my mind bringing together both costumes and Christmas. The result? Ideas of Santa costumes and artificial Christmas trees. I have not even been able to display my Glowing Outdoor Crashing Witch and flicker flame bulbs in my yard yet (due to what is now being called the GA Flood of 2009), and I am already contemplating the fun that is found dressed in red Santa suits, eating cookies by the fire.

As I contemplated the combination of Halloween and Christmas, I got to wondering how many people really do enjoy a Santa costume? Is Santa just for Christmas tree memories, or is he more? I went to one of our modern day resources to see how other people enjoy Santa throughout the year, and this is some of what I found. It ends with the cute picture.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Blue M&M Dress In Support of Treating Spinal Cord Injuries

Wearing the Blue M&M Dress can show your support of the research to improve the conditions of patients suffering from spinal tap injuries. The blue dye used in M&M chocolate candies has been found to help paralyzed rats walk again. This discovery is a huge step for those people suffering from spinal cord injuries. Of course, William Shatner knew this first, and has claimed blue M&M's have always been his favorite.

I ask, would you rather look like this:

Blue M&M Dress

or this:

Monday, August 3, 2009


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vampires Make Scary Costumes Sexy

Vampire Costumes

Vampire costumes are both scary and sexy! Male vampires offer a thrill for women, and promise obsession and a lifetime of passion and longing. A female vampire is sexy based on the actions she uses to get her food, and the dangerous curves displayed in revealing corsets. What keeps vampires sexy through the years, and why does the sexy always seem to rank above the scary?

With movies like Interview with a Vampire and Twilight, the fascination with vampires keeps going strong. Kids and adults of all ages and backgrounds find favor in vampire costumes, and vampire costumes are typically more sexy than any witch or goblin costume on the market. Check out a few of my favorites, and I think we can all agree that vampire costumes will be hot for a long time!

Vampire Costumes
Vampire Costumes
Vampire Costumes
Vampire Costumes
vampire costumes
Vampire Costumes

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Michael Jackson to Forever Impact Costumes

Michael Jackson in ThrillerMichael Jackson's Thriller

The sudden death of Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009 shocked the world. Michael Jackson has been known as the King of Pop since his 1982 release of what has since been and still remains the world's best-selling album of all time. Micheal had been performing since 1968, first as part of The Jackson 5, and then as a solo artist since 1971. An icon for style in the 80's and controversy in the 90's, Michael Jackson spent most of his final years shut behind closed doors. The mystery around Michael and the public's fascination with his music, dance moves, vocals, and appearance promise that a Michael Jackson costume is soon to be as popular, if not more popular, than Elvis costumes.

Michael Jackson has left behind decades of amazing costume material, stretching from his boyhood to his final years. Any Michael Jackson costume would be easily recognized regardless of era represented. Jackson's iconic styles included the accessory of a single white glove, the red leather jacket and pants that make up the Michael Jackson Thriller costumes, or any combination of leather pants and jacket. Michael Jackson's hair included the simple childhood Afro, long Jheri curls from the 1970's and 1980's, and straightened shoulder-length black hair. Makeup can be worn to portray any number of stages Jackson went through, from his darker skin to the eventual ghost-white skin, with lined eyebrows, painted lips, and a pointed nose.

Dressing in costume as Michael Jackson will likely be seen in few ways, as either offering respect to the King of Pop, or making fun of his perceived eccentricities. Today's youth may not even be familiar with the impact that Michael Jackson had on style, music, dance, and culture as a whole. A Michael Jackson costume can be a funny costume, ethnic costume, or musical costume. Being able to recreate the dance techniques of the moonwalk or robot will help to improve the impact of the Michael Jackson costume.

It's unknown right now how many people will attend costume parties or trick-or-treat as Michael Jackson this year, but it is probably safe to guess that the numbers will be significantly higher than in previous years. Michael Jackson offered costume material for everyone.

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson at the World Music Awards 2006.
Jon Furniss/

Michael Jackson PerformingMichael Jackson in concert

Michael Jackson Gold

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Hangover Movie Offers Funny Costume Theme

Hangover Funny Costumes

For everyone out there who is looking for original costume ideas, 'The Hangover' movie offers a funny costume theme for one person or a group. 'The Hangover' is making crowds roar with laughter over the antics of a group of friends who head to Las Vegas in search of a bachelor party they will never forget. Doug, Alan, Phil, and Stu proceed to do just the opposite - they have a bachelor's party they can't remember, and in doing so, offer up a full serving of hilarious adult humor. Dressing in theme for the Hangover movie is brilliantly simple. Whether dressing as your favorite character, or as the group, these funny costumes can be easily put together from clothing in your own closet.

If dressing for the pre-party and hitting the town as a group of guys about to take on all Las Vegas promises, the costumes will be more clean cut and sharp, with Alan being the exception with his grey tee-shirt, beige pants and brown belt, large belly, and hairy beard. Alan's character is completed with his man purse, or as he calls it, his satchel. Stu heads out in glasses, dull beige pants, jacket, and a polo shirt that doesn't quite compliment the ensemble, but still matches in color. The bachelor of the evening is Doug, the shining example of clean cut at it's best, with jeans, a pressed white shirt, and a black jacket. Phil completes the group dressed in black pants, shirt, and jacket, looking sharp and dressed to impress.

Dressing for the hangover that follows the next day is a bit messier, and no longer requires a group of four. Alan's costume remains the same, except he adds a pair of sunglasses, and the man purse is replaced with a Snugli carrying a baby (a doll will work best), and Stu loses his jacket, and his incisor tooth. To use makeup for the appearance of a lost tooth, simply paint the tooth with black paint. Phil's costume will consist of only a wrinkled blue long sleeve shirt, and black pants. Makeup will help to create a tousled and hung-over appearance of bruises, dark eye circles, and dirty skin. Add a sexy blonde female in short-shorts and a cropped shirt to play the part of the new stripper-wife for extra laughs.

Give everyone a funny costume theme to remember by dressing as the characters from the hit comedy 'The Hangover', and enjoy watching the movie for years to come. Take pictures to remember the evening, and pose for affect.

Hangover Funny Costumes
Hangover Funny Costumes

Friday, June 19, 2009

Watchmen Costumes Are Almost In!

Watchmen Costumes are almost in! Watchmen comic and movie fans across the country are waiting impatiently for these costumes to hit the racks. The officially licensed Watchmen costumes are going to sell out and fast, as customers who thought the costumes would be available as soon as the movie was released rushed to pre-order their costumes. There is a lot of Watchmen Costume buzz, so find your costume before stock runs out.

Silk Spectre Watchmen Costume
Silk Spectre Costume

Silk Spectre Picture
Silk Spectre Film Picture

The official Watchmen costumes are surprisingly detailed. Silk Spectre's costume is as sexy as it is in the comics, so a great pair of legs is needed to pull this costume off! Nite Owl, Ozymandias, the Comedian, and Rorschach are all costumes that will soon be available. Sadly for the ladies, the Dr Manhattan costume is only a mask - no big blue surprises have been molded into a blue bodysuit.

Watchmen Ozymandias
Watchmen Ozymandias Film Picture

Ozymandias Watchmen Costume
Official Ozymandias Costume

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hannah Montana Costumes Remain Modest, But for How Long?

Screaming girls across the country raced to the theaters on Easter weekend to stand in lines and fight crowds in order to see Walt Disney’s latest release, “Hannah Montana: The Movie”. It is quite amazing how Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana continue to thrill audiences of prepubescent teenage girls with a blonde wig, cropped jackets and bangle bracelets.

For years now Disney has worked hard to keep Hannah Montana as a safe icon for kids by presenting a fully clothed superstar who is famous for her modest, yet fashionable clothing including capri-length pants, traditional tops, and dazzling jackets. It will be interesting to watch how Miley evolves in the next few years as she begins to shed her wholesome Hannah Montana persona. At least for now it appears that she'll continue to don her ever-popular Hannah Montana costumes and signature blonde Hannah Montana wig and take pleasure in making crowds of young girls scream.

In a stark contrast to the amount of skin shown by many former Disney stars, Miley Cyrus seems to still enjoy the demure quality of simple tanks and tees with jeans and boots - no Britney peek-a-boos here!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Superhero Kids Costumes...My Child Has a Muscle Chest, How About Yours?

Kid's are wild about costumes! It makes them feel like they're larger than life. Like they are actually the character themselves with their own special superhero powers. And for us parents, how cute is it to see your little one running around the house all dressed up singing the superhero theme song (or at least the parts they know) while firing their web at you? The great thing about Kids Costumes is that one outfit can provide so much joy for a long time. What else can you buy your child that they want to wear over and over again, even when it's gotten too small?

With a bin full of costumes including Disney Costumes, an Iron Man Costume, a Spiderman Costume and a Batman Costume, my son gravitates toward his Spiderman Muscle Costume. Why this one? Because now, not only does he have super powers, but he's also got muscles like daddy! He feels invincible with that suit on as he reminds you not to call him by his real name anymore. And what's interesting is that of all the costumes he has, that's the one I bought online, and it's been the one that's held up the longest and excited him the most.

We took the usual look at our nearby Target but the one in the store seemed to be on the flimsy side. So instead, we wound up purchasing it from an online company. It's the first time we'd done that. I cannot tell you how excited my little boy was when his new costume arrived and when he opened the package to find some extra features that the Target version didn't have (that his friends don't have either). The underarm web, the richer color, and a few other details including stronger, more flexible material. It turns out that it's been the costume his little friends are always jealous to try on.

The thing about it though, is that it cost about the same as the flimsier ones at Target. There seems to be a difference between what you can get online versus what you buy in the stores. While it may seem insignificant at first, remember that the whole reason that you buy these costumes for your kids is so that they'll love them, have fun in them, and be excited about wearing them for as long a time as possible. I believe we'll be buying all of our costumes online from this point forward.