Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Superhero Kids Costumes...My Child Has a Muscle Chest, How About Yours?

Kid's are wild about costumes! It makes them feel like they're larger than life. Like they are actually the character themselves with their own special superhero powers. And for us parents, how cute is it to see your little one running around the house all dressed up singing the superhero theme song (or at least the parts they know) while firing their web at you? The great thing about Kids Costumes is that one outfit can provide so much joy for a long time. What else can you buy your child that they want to wear over and over again, even when it's gotten too small?

With a bin full of costumes including Disney Costumes, an Iron Man Costume, a Spiderman Costume and a Batman Costume, my son gravitates toward his Spiderman Muscle Costume. Why this one? Because now, not only does he have super powers, but he's also got muscles like daddy! He feels invincible with that suit on as he reminds you not to call him by his real name anymore. And what's interesting is that of all the costumes he has, that's the one I bought online, and it's been the one that's held up the longest and excited him the most.

We took the usual look at our nearby Target but the one in the store seemed to be on the flimsy side. So instead, we wound up purchasing it from an online company. It's the first time we'd done that. I cannot tell you how excited my little boy was when his new costume arrived and when he opened the package to find some extra features that the Target version didn't have (that his friends don't have either). The underarm web, the richer color, and a few other details including stronger, more flexible material. It turns out that it's been the costume his little friends are always jealous to try on.

The thing about it though, is that it cost about the same as the flimsier ones at Target. There seems to be a difference between what you can get online versus what you buy in the stores. While it may seem insignificant at first, remember that the whole reason that you buy these costumes for your kids is so that they'll love them, have fun in them, and be excited about wearing them for as long a time as possible. I believe we'll be buying all of our costumes online from this point forward.


  1. I purchased 3 Disney dresses for my daughter from Mr Costumes, and they are her favorite play costumes now! Tinkerbell, Cinderella, and Snow White - all so much prettier than what I found at WalMart.


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