Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hannah Montana Costumes Remain Modest, But for How Long?

Screaming girls across the country raced to the theaters on Easter weekend to stand in lines and fight crowds in order to see Walt Disney’s latest release, “Hannah Montana: The Movie”. It is quite amazing how Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana continue to thrill audiences of prepubescent teenage girls with a blonde wig, cropped jackets and bangle bracelets.

For years now Disney has worked hard to keep Hannah Montana as a safe icon for kids by presenting a fully clothed superstar who is famous for her modest, yet fashionable clothing including capri-length pants, traditional tops, and dazzling jackets. It will be interesting to watch how Miley evolves in the next few years as she begins to shed her wholesome Hannah Montana persona. At least for now it appears that she'll continue to don her ever-popular Hannah Montana costumes and signature blonde Hannah Montana wig and take pleasure in making crowds of young girls scream.

In a stark contrast to the amount of skin shown by many former Disney stars, Miley Cyrus seems to still enjoy the demure quality of simple tanks and tees with jeans and boots - no Britney peek-a-boos here!

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