Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Hangover Movie Offers Funny Costume Theme

Hangover Funny Costumes

For everyone out there who is looking for original costume ideas, 'The Hangover' movie offers a funny costume theme for one person or a group. 'The Hangover' is making crowds roar with laughter over the antics of a group of friends who head to Las Vegas in search of a bachelor party they will never forget. Doug, Alan, Phil, and Stu proceed to do just the opposite - they have a bachelor's party they can't remember, and in doing so, offer up a full serving of hilarious adult humor. Dressing in theme for the Hangover movie is brilliantly simple. Whether dressing as your favorite character, or as the group, these funny costumes can be easily put together from clothing in your own closet.

If dressing for the pre-party and hitting the town as a group of guys about to take on all Las Vegas promises, the costumes will be more clean cut and sharp, with Alan being the exception with his grey tee-shirt, beige pants and brown belt, large belly, and hairy beard. Alan's character is completed with his man purse, or as he calls it, his satchel. Stu heads out in glasses, dull beige pants, jacket, and a polo shirt that doesn't quite compliment the ensemble, but still matches in color. The bachelor of the evening is Doug, the shining example of clean cut at it's best, with jeans, a pressed white shirt, and a black jacket. Phil completes the group dressed in black pants, shirt, and jacket, looking sharp and dressed to impress.

Dressing for the hangover that follows the next day is a bit messier, and no longer requires a group of four. Alan's costume remains the same, except he adds a pair of sunglasses, and the man purse is replaced with a Snugli carrying a baby (a doll will work best), and Stu loses his jacket, and his incisor tooth. To use makeup for the appearance of a lost tooth, simply paint the tooth with black paint. Phil's costume will consist of only a wrinkled blue long sleeve shirt, and black pants. Makeup will help to create a tousled and hung-over appearance of bruises, dark eye circles, and dirty skin. Add a sexy blonde female in short-shorts and a cropped shirt to play the part of the new stripper-wife for extra laughs.

Give everyone a funny costume theme to remember by dressing as the characters from the hit comedy 'The Hangover', and enjoy watching the movie for years to come. Take pictures to remember the evening, and pose for affect.

Hangover Funny Costumes
Hangover Funny Costumes

Friday, June 19, 2009

Watchmen Costumes Are Almost In!

Watchmen Costumes are almost in! Watchmen comic and movie fans across the country are waiting impatiently for these costumes to hit the racks. The officially licensed Watchmen costumes are going to sell out and fast, as customers who thought the costumes would be available as soon as the movie was released rushed to pre-order their costumes. There is a lot of Watchmen Costume buzz, so find your costume before stock runs out.

Silk Spectre Watchmen Costume
Silk Spectre Costume

Silk Spectre Picture
Silk Spectre Film Picture

The official Watchmen costumes are surprisingly detailed. Silk Spectre's costume is as sexy as it is in the comics, so a great pair of legs is needed to pull this costume off! Nite Owl, Ozymandias, the Comedian, and Rorschach are all costumes that will soon be available. Sadly for the ladies, the Dr Manhattan costume is only a mask - no big blue surprises have been molded into a blue bodysuit.

Watchmen Ozymandias
Watchmen Ozymandias Film Picture

Ozymandias Watchmen Costume
Official Ozymandias Costume