Friday, June 19, 2009

Watchmen Costumes Are Almost In!

Watchmen Costumes are almost in! Watchmen comic and movie fans across the country are waiting impatiently for these costumes to hit the racks. The officially licensed Watchmen costumes are going to sell out and fast, as customers who thought the costumes would be available as soon as the movie was released rushed to pre-order their costumes. There is a lot of Watchmen Costume buzz, so find your costume before stock runs out.

Silk Spectre Watchmen Costume
Silk Spectre Costume

Silk Spectre Picture
Silk Spectre Film Picture

The official Watchmen costumes are surprisingly detailed. Silk Spectre's costume is as sexy as it is in the comics, so a great pair of legs is needed to pull this costume off! Nite Owl, Ozymandias, the Comedian, and Rorschach are all costumes that will soon be available. Sadly for the ladies, the Dr Manhattan costume is only a mask - no big blue surprises have been molded into a blue bodysuit.

Watchmen Ozymandias
Watchmen Ozymandias Film Picture

Ozymandias Watchmen Costume
Official Ozymandias Costume


  1. I want that Silk Spectre watchmen costume! Can I just have Silk Spectre???

  2. Nice costumes, but oh costume-lord, where do we get them??? I love the Silk Spectre costume pic!

  3. Those are hot looking watchmen costumes! They look just like the real thing


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