Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Michael Jackson to Forever Impact Costumes

Michael Jackson in ThrillerMichael Jackson's Thriller

The sudden death of Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009 shocked the world. Michael Jackson has been known as the King of Pop since his 1982 release of what has since been and still remains the world's best-selling album of all time. Micheal had been performing since 1968, first as part of The Jackson 5, and then as a solo artist since 1971. An icon for style in the 80's and controversy in the 90's, Michael Jackson spent most of his final years shut behind closed doors. The mystery around Michael and the public's fascination with his music, dance moves, vocals, and appearance promise that a Michael Jackson costume is soon to be as popular, if not more popular, than Elvis costumes.

Michael Jackson has left behind decades of amazing costume material, stretching from his boyhood to his final years. Any Michael Jackson costume would be easily recognized regardless of era represented. Jackson's iconic styles included the accessory of a single white glove, the red leather jacket and pants that make up the Michael Jackson Thriller costumes, or any combination of leather pants and jacket. Michael Jackson's hair included the simple childhood Afro, long Jheri curls from the 1970's and 1980's, and straightened shoulder-length black hair. Makeup can be worn to portray any number of stages Jackson went through, from his darker skin to the eventual ghost-white skin, with lined eyebrows, painted lips, and a pointed nose.

Dressing in costume as Michael Jackson will likely be seen in few ways, as either offering respect to the King of Pop, or making fun of his perceived eccentricities. Today's youth may not even be familiar with the impact that Michael Jackson had on style, music, dance, and culture as a whole. A Michael Jackson costume can be a funny costume, ethnic costume, or musical costume. Being able to recreate the dance techniques of the moonwalk or robot will help to improve the impact of the Michael Jackson costume.

It's unknown right now how many people will attend costume parties or trick-or-treat as Michael Jackson this year, but it is probably safe to guess that the numbers will be significantly higher than in previous years. Michael Jackson offered costume material for everyone.

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson at the World Music Awards 2006.
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Michael Jackson PerformingMichael Jackson in concert

Michael Jackson Gold


  1. Michael Jackson costumes will be crazy this year!

  2. I think a Michael Jackson costume is morbid - it is too soon!

  3. Corey Feldmen dressed in a Michael Jackson costume when he attended the memorial

  4. I am a big fan of Michael Jackson. I use to wear his dance costume and his mask many times. Thanks for sharing about him and his dance costumes.


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