Thursday, September 24, 2009

Santa Costumes and Halloween

What is amazing to me is to be shopping for Halloween decorations, with my back facing Christmas stars and front lawn snowmen decor. So I, along with all the store merchandisers across this great country, find my mind bringing together both costumes and Christmas. The result? Ideas of Santa costumes and artificial Christmas trees. I have not even been able to display my Glowing Outdoor Crashing Witch and flicker flame bulbs in my yard yet (due to what is now being called the GA Flood of 2009), and I am already contemplating the fun that is found dressed in red Santa suits, eating cookies by the fire.

As I contemplated the combination of Halloween and Christmas, I got to wondering how many people really do enjoy a Santa costume? Is Santa just for Christmas tree memories, or is he more? I went to one of our modern day resources to see how other people enjoy Santa throughout the year, and this is some of what I found. It ends with the cute picture.

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