Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sexy Clown Costumes Spice Up A Classic Look

Sexy clown costumes put a spicy twist on a classic costume for adults. Taking the bright colors and funny accessories to a new level, sexy clown costumes are a top seller this year among adult women wanting to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Sexy Clown CostumeSexy Clown Costume

Sexy clown costumes have a variety of looks that can stun just about anyone. From conservative yet sexy to baring almost all, sexy clown costumes suit any desire. Funny clown costumes with a sexy appeal to them are able to bring out laughter and lust at the same time. With clown costumes you always have the ability to get creative and put your own spin on the idea. Sexy clown costumes let you use that creativity to accent your best features and brighten up the party!

Sexy Clown Costume DuoSexy Clown Costume Duo

A Halloween party isn't quite complete without a show stealing cutie or two. Pairing up with your BFF for a night full of laughs and unforgettable memories is as simple as flashing your stuff in a sexy clown costume.

Short skirts, showy tops, sexy leggings and tights, high heels, and of course bright makeup mix together for a sensational sexy clown costume this Halloween. Girls aren't the only ones having fun in sexy clown costumes either. Guys can show off those six pack abs they spent all summer working on. No need to hide them now boys! Put yourself in a pair of clown pants, suspenders, and a red afro wig for a look that will have heads turning and mouths dropping. Every woman in the room will be dying to see what kind of magical tricks you have in store.

Sexy Men Clown CostumesSexy Men Clown Costumes

Spend this years Halloween party in a sexy clown costume and see what kind of chaos you can create. Between laughter and longing looks, you'll steal the night away in your sexy clown costume!

Seductive ClownSeductive Clown

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Best Halloween Costume Blogs to Follow

Blogging is one of the hottest ways to get out new information on almost everything, especially holidays. Halloween blogs are high traffic zones with tons of information about new costume releases, new news in movies that costumes are designed after, and anything to do with Halloween. Planning a party for this October 31st? A Halloween blog might be the perfect place to find the decor and ideas you're in need of to become the talk of the town.

Pirate CostumesPirate Costumes

Pirate costumes change year after year to suit changing styles and color schemes. The Mr.Pirate Pirate Blog is a great place to find out about many new costumes, pirate party ideas, and anything to do with piracy and the open seas. The Pirate Blog is a very informative and family friendly blog to follow that will allow you to receive updates when new information and posts are released.

Vampire CostumeVampire Costume

Vampire blogs are very intriguing among the lovers of the dark. Getting updates on vampire costumes, movie releases, and your favorite vampire television flicks are all a click away! Following the Bloody Blog from will keep you up to date on all the blood sucking news seeping out week after week. The bloody blog shares vampire movies, news, and ideas for making the most out of your Halloween experience in a vampire costume.

Scary Kids Joker CostumeScary Kids Joker Costume

The best selling costume of 2009 also has a high expectancy of selling in record numbers in 2010. The Joker made his mark on the costume world with the 2008 release of The Dark Knight staring the late Heath Ledger. The Joker Blog informs it's followers on all the new looks available for Joker fans, art and clothing, and quotes from the psychotic killer himself. Fun for kids and adults, the Joker blog is a great way to stay up to date on Batmans number one nemesis.

Halloween costume blogs are great places for finding information on the hottest looks for the season along with a large number of other topics. These are just a few of the blogs you could follow to stay up to date on your favorite look for Halloween!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Try Baby Animal Costumes for Babys First Halloween

Baby Bunny Costume
Baby Bunny Costume

Buying baby costumes, especially if it's the first Halloween your little one gets to be seen, is a fun filled adventure. Everyone wants the first Halloween to be perfect for their bundle of joy and for all the pictures that will be taken.

Animal baby costumes are one of the most popular choices for Halloween with such a large selection of looks for your tiny one. Everyone wants a costume that their baby will look adorable in, can make great pictures, and their baby will be comfortable in. With all the baby costume looks out there, dressing your baby as an animal is definitely going to leave you with the most options.

Baby bunny costumes are an ever so cute look not only for Halloween but also subs as a great outfit for babys first Easter! Made to be warm and safe for your little trick or treater, the baby bunny costume is also an adorable baby costume idea.

Bumble Bee CostumeAdorable Bumble Bee Costume

Your first night out on the town trick or treating with your little one may be your second go at Halloween. Maybe it was too cold, too early in life, just too much to take your newborn out last year? Well your first Halloween experience for your toddler can be just as eventful. Dressing your tot in an animal baby costume has so many perks. At that age, keeping the costume as a play prop is a great way to let your children expand their imaginations.

Baby bears, lions, frogs, monkeys, bumble bees, and puppies are all attractive looks for your baby this Halloween. Animal baby costumes have that innocent look that your little guy or girl should have at that age. You can't go wrong with animal baby costumes!

Animal Baby CostumesAnimal Baby Costumes

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Popular Costume Choices for 2010

Avatar CostumesAvatar Costume Couple

Every year a new line of costumes comes along that makes you stop in your tracks. Kids and adults both find new looks that they want to sport at all the Halloween functions each year. New movies, stars and fads always call for a release of new Halloween costumes.

For 2010 the top selling costume has been from the number one movie of all time, Avatar. Avatar costumes have outsold Alice in Wonderland costumes, Michael Jackson costumes, and even the Joker. Alice and the Dark Knight were released in previous years but had such an uproar in costume sales that they still hit record numbers in 2010. Then the death of Michael Jackson turned his attire into a line of costumes that were selling out long before they were released. Well, it gets better! Then Avatar costumes made their mark outselling all these major looks of the season.

Jake Sully and Neytiri costumes are a must have in 2010!

AvatarJake Sully and Neytiri

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Enjoy Playtime with Clown Costumes for Adults

Sad Clown Costume
Sad Clown Costume

Clown costumes are an all time classic look for Halloween. Usually kids dress up as clowns to show off their silly antics and see how many laughs they can get. Who says the kids get to have all the clown costume fun?

Clown costumes for adults let the grown ups take a time out from reality and be a kid again. Telling jokes, playing pranks, and being silly without someone looking at you like you're crazy! Yes, in a clown costume that kind of "I'm a kid again" heaven can be yours.

Scary Clown Costume
Scary Clown Costume

From circuses to birthday parties and of course Halloween eve, clown costumes for adults are seen every where. Of course there are those folks with Coulrophobia, fear of clowns, that may not like this idea so much. Scary and evil clown costumes are perfect for scaring these guys! The dark and eerie evil clown, lurking in the corner, with lashing teeth and wild hair will scare anyone, coulrophobic or not! Face it, we've all had dreams of the killer clown popping out of the ice cream truck and sucking our guts out through a straw, right? Maybe? Okay, maybe your evil clown dreams aren't that bad, but we all have them!

Sexy Clown Costume
Womens Sexy Clown Costume

Clown costumes can also have a flirty side to them! Sexy clown costumes let women show off a classic look with a seductive and exciting twist to them. Short and sassy or tighter and just a bit unique and appealing, sexy clown costumes come in a variety of looks to suit every body style and size. Colorful and already something to stand out in, clown costumes with a sexy side are a great way to get all the deserved attention without a single joke told! Every adult can have a blast in clown costumes this year. Find your perfect look!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Turning Hot Halloween Costumes into at Home Fun

Sexy costumes are making their way into the public eye more and more each year. Women everywhere are becoming more confident and ready to show off what they are working with, at home and out on the town! That sultry french maid costume, dirty cop, or smoking hot firefighter costume will get more attention than you can handle for sure!

Sexy Firefighter Costume
Sexy Firefighter Costume

Flirty and fun sexy costumes are a great way to make yourself seen and remembered at this years Halloween bash. But what do we do after Halloween and we have that costume just laying around the house? I think we can think of something ladies! Turning those costumes into something to keep the hubby entertained is easy and more titillating than most women can imagine. That sexy sailor costume you wore last year can get you into some ship rocking trouble when you surprise your sweetie with it this Friday night.

Sexy Sailor Costume
Sexy Sailor Costume

Every man has a fantasy. Something that will drive him crazy and when he sees something that reminds him of it his eyes light up! Maybe you should think about this when you pick out that costume you think you'll wear ONE time. Sexy costumes can become a monthly, weekly, heck even a daily habit if used correctly. To help you out in case it's your first time stepping into "Role Playing" mode, here are a few tips to help you ease up and to interest your man.

  • Don't be scared to venture from your comfort zone. He sees you at your worst, he sees you in the nude, so why worry about how short or flashy your costume is?
  • You have to think about if the tables were turned. Would he do anything to get your attention? Of course he would!
  • Take interest, or at least fake it, in what it is that your man likes. Is he a Star Wars nut, horror film lover, or just gets a bit wide eyed when he sees the girl on television in a french maid costume? He is always giving you hints to what he likes, you just have to pay attention!
  • If you can't figure out what it is that he might like or you aren't pleased with the most common fantasy roles, try a glimpse at The Sexy Costume Guide. Something there is sure to spark your interests as well as his.
  • Get yourself in the mind frame of your character and study up. Teaching? Learn some math. Cleaning? Don't forget your duster. Playing a bit of football? Well, learn your positions.
  • Set the mood and get ready for a night that neither of you will forget. He may seem kind of shy at first so it's your job ladies to take charge!
Sexy Jailbird Costume
Sexy Jailbird Costume

The first time will be something neither of you will ever forget! The next can be more fun and so on and so on. It's definitely better than letting all those years of sexy Halloween costumes pile up and go to waste. Putting them to use is fun, exciting, and can make any relationship stronger!

Sexy Halloween Costumes
Sexy Halloween Costumes
Sexy cowgirl costumes
Sexy Cowgirl Costumes

Monday, July 26, 2010

Get Crazy with Joker Costumes

The Joker Costume

Joker costumes turn the wild look of the phenomenal comic book character into an attractive costume that every one will be dying to try on. His crazy antics and evil expressions add to the costume look for an incredible Halloween night of terror. The evil Joker costume has an appealing purple suit with green accents. If you add the right make up you can terrorize an entire party with a simple glance.

The Joker has been a famous part of Batmans history as one of his strongest enemies. Maybe not strong with power, but the Joker had the strongest and craziest mind of any of Batmans rivals. As the years took off so did the appearance and story of the infamous psycho.

The Joker costume became very popular after the late Heath Ledger played the evil role in The Dark Knight in 2008. The actor passed away in January of 2008, just a few months after performing his most memorable and suitable role as The Joker.

The Jokers crazy mind and memorable make up appearance resulted from an extremely disturbed childhood. He blames child abuse and self mutilation for his scars that he covers with his horrendous application of make up. The Joker, being a sociopath has no clue what really happened to obtain his disfigured look.

Joker Costume

The Joker costume has taken off in popularity over the past two years as the fearful antics and ability to get out of every situation has imprinted on the minds of many. His most famous look of purple and green can be transformed into costumes for men and women who are crazed about the evil nemesis of the most beloved superhero ever. Of course the unique look of the Joker nurse costume is also one that is sought after in great demand.

The Joker is known for being crazed and fearless and what better costume to choose for Halloween to keep those qualities linked to the season? The Joker costume is perfect for being noticed by all while feared by many at this years Halloween bash.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Celebrities Playing In Female Pirate Costumes

Cindy Crawford Pirate Costume
Cindy Crawford in a Pirate Costume

Pirate costumes are an all time classic that everyone can enjoy. Celebrities have fun dressing up for parties and shindigs. Kids dressed as pirates are an all too familiar look, but mommy and daddy playing taking a role in the piracy fun can spice things up a bit.

Whether dressing for a movie premier that has a pirate theme or impressing the other top notch stars at the big Halloween bash, celebrities have just as much fun playing in pirate costumes as anyone else does. Whether it's a historical inspired pirate costume or a flirtatious one to get an extra shot or two out there to the public, celebrities love the attention they get in pirate costumes.

Female pirate costumes are rising in popularity with all the different styles and designs available. Everyone enjoys the colorful attire and bad girl appeal that comes along with it. Especially Britney! The pop singer who's been in the eye of the public for years now has more snapshots in pirate costumes than any other. Spears must have a thing for piracy and battle.

Britney Spears Pirate Costume
Britney Spears in Pirate Costume

Sexy pirate costumes are a great way to get noticed and that mug spread all over the news. Everyone is so into what celebrities are doing or wearing and the sight of your favorite female star in a seductive pirate costume will have you wanting one for yourself! Speaking of pirates, Ke$ha is on a kick that the news got a hold of quick! No, she wasn't dressed as a pirate but actually said "If I’m in Los Angeles and I find a pile of clothes lying on the side of the street that someone plans to throw out, I’ll take it. I’m like a pirate on a treasure hunt. I think it’s way more creative. I love used clothes because they have a story to them." Everyone has a bit of pirate in them I guess! Have a blast this year in pirate costumes, after all your favorite television and movie stars already are!

Britney the Pirate
Britney the Pirate!
Kayla Ewell in Pirate Costume
Kayla Ewell in Pirate Costume

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Goddess Halloween Costumes

Sexy Greek Goddess

Goddess Halloween costumes represent the beauty from the decadent Grecians and their mythologies. Greek Goddess Halloween costumes are sexy and seductive. The goddesses were unbelievably attractive and possessed powers that other women were envious of. Greek goddess Halloween costumes will bring all the men to their knees, bowing down before thee.

Queen Gorgo Costume

Queen Gorgo has been recognized as one of the few female historical figures named by Herodotus. Be the Queen who is known for keen political insight and wisdom.

Sexy Aphrodite Greek Goddess Costume

Become the goddess of love, beauty, and sexual rapture in a sexy Aphrodite costume.

Sexy Olympia Greek Goddess Costume

Rule as one of the twelve Olympians in this unforgettable sexy goddess costume. Make history as one of the greatest Olympians.

Greek Goddess of Beauty

Charm your way into the hearts of many men as the sexy goddess of beauty. A goddess as fine as you will have no problems moving up quickly in the mythology ranks.

Have fun Halloween night as one of the sexy goddesses. Everyone will be in awe of thee.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Womens Sailor Costumes - Fun at Sea

Sexy Sailor

Womens sailor costumes are a classy costume that is favored by many. Everyone loves a lady in uniform, especially the men. Womens sailor costumes are full of sexy intimidation and offer every man's mind to wander. The excitement and thrill that she has to experience to move up in ranks will have you mesmerized and in awe.

A life at sea can have its drawbacks. What better way to spice up the life aboard than with some sexy sailor costumes. Attention on deck will be in order when you arrive. Show the captain your appreciation of all his hard work and dedication in a saucy sailor costume. No one will be able to resist the power that your sailor costume possesses

Sexy Sailor Girl Costume

Elegant and admiral sailor costumes are available as well. Whether you choose to be sexy or a ship mate sweetie, there's a sailor costume available for you and no matter the costume you choose, you will be looking divine.

Sailor Girl Costume

Every sailor wishes for his magical mermaid to appear. Sailor and mermaid costumes make the perfect couples duo as well as an almost edible late night snack.

Sailor and Mermaid Costume

Sailor Halloween costumes replicate the look of the stunning men and women at sea. Show your love for them in a sailor Halloween costume.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Best Scary Costumes for Halloween

Pinhead Scary Costume

Scary costume lovers will be swarming the stores and web in the month approaching Halloween eve. Everyone wants to scare and be scared by the beasts that roam the streets on that fateful night. When anyone thinks of Halloween they imagine ghosts, goblins, vampires, witches, and creepy monsters terrorizing through the evening. After all, it is the season for scaring!

Kids and adults love the thought of being the scariest one knocking on the neighbors door or bringing fright into the Halloween party. Dressing your little ones up in bloodcurdling scary costumes will show your impeccable taste along with their darker side. Face it, every kid has one and wants to show it. Halloween is the perfect night to let it all out.

Kids Scary Costume

Dead Bride and Groom Scary Costumes

Demon Scary Costume

Terror reigns through the night as families and friends head out to trick or treat in their scary costumes. Take it to the extreme and find something that frightens even you. Have a spooktacular time!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Get Back in the Groove with 70's Halloween Costumes

Groovy 70s Couples Costumes

70's costume ideas can turn any lame party into a groovy event that the whole town will talk about for years. Funky patterns and wild hair combined with the infamous tunes you grew up with will have everyone smiling and in a psychedelic trance. Thinking about their high school days and the way they used to love their bell bottoms and flipped out hair, your party attendees will relive the best years of their lives.

Everyone can have fun in lively colored 70's costumes. Halloween can be brightened up or a simple get together can become a one of a kind bash. Kids can take in a bit of history while dressing in colors they find fun and unique and we all know how much fun the kids can have with an afro wig and some platform shoes! Teaching the kids about your history and the history of the country can be done easily beginning with the fashion. They can have fun while learning and everyone knows that there is no better way to teach a child then adding interest and laughter into the mix.

Funky 70's Costumes

Disco days reigned throughout the 70's causing an uproar with older folks while every hip and happening teen had to be there. Rebellious teens had to have their part in the crazy look the 70's costume book holds while acting out with their drinking, and smoking, and promiscuity. Everything about the 70's disco days drove teenagers parents crazy, but the more they nagged the hotter the disco was. With its upbeat music and funky attire, discos made 70's costumes stand out the way they do today.

So many designs and styles of 70's costumes might make it hard to choose just one. Traditional 70's costume looks of bell bottoms and button up shirts to the disco shirts with sequins and gems, to the even more popular sexy 70's costumes like the sexy disco girl and the hippie chick. Sexy short dresses with flower patterns and tripped out colors will lead every eye in the room straight to you.

If you're planning a 70's costume party, don't forget the furry creatures running around the house either. Picture perfect moments of Spot and Fido running around in dreads and beads will have everyone laughing and keep the party theme flowing.

Have a diggin time in your 70's costume this Halloween!

70's Costume Party

Sexy Hippie 70's Costume

Dogs 70's Costume

Hippie Dog 70's Costume

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Mario and Luigi Costume for Every Game Lover

Adult Mario Costume

Mario and Luigi costume choices for kids and adults let any Nintendo fanatic become a part of his or her own at home version.

Dressing your little ones up in your favorite Mario and Luigi costume can create a world of make believe and magic in your home or backyard as Mario and Luigi out on a mission to save the lovely Pink Princess from the fateful hands of Bowser. Bouncing around on boxes and tree stumps, your little Mario Brothers team will keep themselves busy for hours on end.

Kids aren't the only ones that can have fun in a Mario and Luigi costume. Adults love the infamous brother duo too. We've been playing the Nintendo games for years and yes, most of us have become addicted to the joy and fun involved with the Mario and Luigi pair. The funny look of their attire is also something adults can have fun with. Want to be the life of the party? That set of overhalls with a red or green shirt, oversized hat, pot belly, and moustache will surely get the laughs coming in.

Womens Sexy Princess Peach Costume

Women like to play dress up when it comes to a Mario and Luigi costume theme too and what better way then as the elegant Princess Peach? Sexy and seductive Peach can have anyone in or out of a Mario and Luigi costume chasing down the enemy for her. The classic Princess Peach costume is also a good choice for family friendly parties and events where game lovers gather. Whatever look you choose, you will definitely get the respect a princess deserves. Along with the attention of every man in a Mario and Luigi costume, maybe even a few of their friends too.

So no matter which Mario and Luigi costume you choose, it's a costume decision you can't go wrong with.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Michael Jackson Bad Costume

The Michael Jackson costume look is such a sought after look this Halloween. His stunning fashion trends remind the world of one of the many reasons the pop sensation was so popular. With a combination of bright leather and vinyl clothing, and sequined accented accessories, Michael Jackson had a style of his own that no one could deny. It was once said that fashion conformed to Michael, not the other way around.

Michael Jackson Bad Costume

Getting attention this Halloween and standing out from all the spooks and comic series characters, is easy to do with a Michael Jackson costume. Adults can dress as their favorite pop star and kids can try on their dance shoes with a fabulous Michael Jackson costume for kids.

Moon walking around your house, your little King of Pop will look ever so stunning in his Michael Jackson costume. All of the other kids will be raging with jealousy over the phenomenally dressed child of yours busting his moves left and right up the block from door to door. Dancing to Beat It and even jams from the Jackson 5 days such as ABC, your little one will be more than impressive with his Michael Jackson costume and one of a kind dance moves.

Speaking of dancing the night away, where will you be this Halloween? Wherever you're going a Michael Jackson costume will be the way to get noticed.

Michael Jackson costume choices range from his famous Thriller look to his Bad jacket. Sequined gloves, shoes, wigs, and sunglasses are all accessories that can be found to complete your King of Pop look. Taking in his incredible vocals, outrageous dance moves, and his sensational persona and style will be more fun than the Michael Jackson costume itself. The fun you can have dancing and sliding around the room in your Michael Jackson costume will create a ton of memories that won't soon be forgotten.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Modern Vampire Costumes Bite

Modern vampire costumes are all the rage with the new generation of vampire fans, but I want to continue to see the classic Gothic vampires lurk the streets at night. When I think of vampires, I imagine dark and bloody red cloaks against pale skin and dark hair. I grew up with Bram Stoker's Dracula and Interview with the Vampire, and have a natural attraction towards the Gothic and sinister vampires.

Modern vampires appear to be little more than kids dressed dark and mysterious. I watched Twilight and New Moon, and I confess to being a complete fan of HBO's True Blood. I am saddened by the modern vampire dress - jeans, shirts, and mini skirts. How does that fit into my fantasy of vampires luring women into dark alleys in London to take a seductive and life-ending bite? My only hope lies in the Volturi, and their elegant and classic vampire costumes. I felt a rush of pleasure when Bella and Edward met with the Volturi, knowing inside that the Volturi just may be the saving grace for the best and scariest of all vampire costumes. After all, why choose to wear a costume you could wear to school every day?

twilight vampire costumes

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

50's Halloween Costumes

50's Halloween Costume

50's Halloween costumes bring back the days of drive ins and playing chicken in your sports cars. Oh yeah, there are the more family friendly things too, like sock hops and poodle skirts. The 50's era had a wide impact on the world with it's music, politics, and fashion.

With the Cuban Revolution and the Korean War taking place, the youth of the country had to do what they could to get their minds off things. Dances and parties, drive in diners and movies, and going to cruise Main Street with their clicks were just a few of the things that kept the 50's kids distracted.

The attire of the girls inspired 50's Halloween costumes with their poodle skirts, ponytails, and diner girl clothing. Of course the Ladies from Grease had their impact as well with the pink jackets and tight fitting leggings with high heels.

50's Sock Hop Costume

50's Grease Costume

The men left their mark on the fashion world with the infamous pastel suits, leather jackets, and open front shirts that bared all to the ladies. 50's Halloween costumes are great for anyone, and group themes are made easy with Grease costumes or sock hop themes.

50's Pink Lady Halloween Costume
With sexy bowling girls and guys to the rockers of the 50's, any taste can be met with 50's Halloween costumes. Go from girls working on cars to the gals that strut up the road in their poodle skirts. The bad girl of the 50's or the good and innocent squares are all choices with 50's Halloween costumes.

As soon as you strut into the Halloween party this year in your 50's gear you'll be hearing Rock Around the Clock and Johnny B. Goode blaring as the dancing begins.

The party will be hopping just like the gals in their poodle skirts and silk bloused tops!