Thursday, February 4, 2010

Clown Makeup Made Easy

clown makeup

Clowns are a timeless classic and are a year round costume idea. From parties to Halloween costumes, clowns bring laughter and glee to all they see. From young to old, dressing in clown costumes is always exciting. Getting the perfect look is easier than you think with these makeup tips to give you the look you desire. Whether it's an innocent and sweet child clown, a seductive sexy clown, or the evil and frightening clown, your look can be easily finished with the perfect makeup application.

Most clowns have the bright reds, yellows, and greens as detail on top of the white base of makeup. Of course, every clown is different and you will want to create your own look. Below there is a list of tips to help you find the right makeup,clown makeup application, and creating unique touches. Showing off your creativity on the face of a clown is as easy as pie (as long as the clown doesn't through the pie in your face)!

Tips for creating the perfect clown:

1. Start off with a clean, freshly washed faced.

2. Either use powder makeup with a wet sponge or a creamy base color (usually white) and lightly stroke the skin and spread across the face.

3. Apply creative design! If you have makeup crayons, outline your mouth and eye shapes. Then proceed to fill the spaces with the colors and designs you desire.

scary clown

4. For the scary clown effect, you can add fake blood running from the mouth and add vampire teeth for a deadly effect.

5. And at last, if you are going for more of a classic clown look, you can either paint on the red nose or add a foam nose. Top it off with flowers or balloons on the cheeks and you have a child friendly clown!

Clown makeup can be funny, flirty, or scary and the exact look is up to you. Colorful and bright, or dark and dreery, it's all a great look for clowns of all ages. There are many kinds of make up to use for creating your perfect clown look.

clown makeup

From liquid bases to crayons and powders, every finish possible is available to work with. Most clown makeup is easily washed off, so if you mess up it's no biggie and you can start all over or just make the simple corrections!

The fun is just about ready to begin, as soon as you get your hysterical little clowns ready for trick or treating, Halloween parties, birthday parties, or just clowning around the house, make sure their makeup is in tact and let the laughter lead you out the door!


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