Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Modern Vampire Costumes Bite

Modern vampire costumes are all the rage with the new generation of vampire fans, but I want to continue to see the classic Gothic vampires lurk the streets at night. When I think of vampires, I imagine dark and bloody red cloaks against pale skin and dark hair. I grew up with Bram Stoker's Dracula and Interview with the Vampire, and have a natural attraction towards the Gothic and sinister vampires.

Modern vampires appear to be little more than kids dressed dark and mysterious. I watched Twilight and New Moon, and I confess to being a complete fan of HBO's True Blood. I am saddened by the modern vampire dress - jeans, shirts, and mini skirts. How does that fit into my fantasy of vampires luring women into dark alleys in London to take a seductive and life-ending bite? My only hope lies in the Volturi, and their elegant and classic vampire costumes. I felt a rush of pleasure when Bella and Edward met with the Volturi, knowing inside that the Volturi just may be the saving grace for the best and scariest of all vampire costumes. After all, why choose to wear a costume you could wear to school every day?

twilight vampire costumes

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

50's Halloween Costumes

50's Halloween Costume

50's Halloween costumes bring back the days of drive ins and playing chicken in your sports cars. Oh yeah, there are the more family friendly things too, like sock hops and poodle skirts. The 50's era had a wide impact on the world with it's music, politics, and fashion.

With the Cuban Revolution and the Korean War taking place, the youth of the country had to do what they could to get their minds off things. Dances and parties, drive in diners and movies, and going to cruise Main Street with their clicks were just a few of the things that kept the 50's kids distracted.

The attire of the girls inspired 50's Halloween costumes with their poodle skirts, ponytails, and diner girl clothing. Of course the Ladies from Grease had their impact as well with the pink jackets and tight fitting leggings with high heels.

50's Sock Hop Costume

50's Grease Costume

The men left their mark on the fashion world with the infamous pastel suits, leather jackets, and open front shirts that bared all to the ladies. 50's Halloween costumes are great for anyone, and group themes are made easy with Grease costumes or sock hop themes.

50's Pink Lady Halloween Costume
With sexy bowling girls and guys to the rockers of the 50's, any taste can be met with 50's Halloween costumes. Go from girls working on cars to the gals that strut up the road in their poodle skirts. The bad girl of the 50's or the good and innocent squares are all choices with 50's Halloween costumes.

As soon as you strut into the Halloween party this year in your 50's gear you'll be hearing Rock Around the Clock and Johnny B. Goode blaring as the dancing begins.

The party will be hopping just like the gals in their poodle skirts and silk bloused tops!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Pirate Festivals for Spring 2010

Put on your Pirate costumes, matey, and head out for some live pirate fun! Spring is a beautiful season to enjoy outdoors, from the warm sunny days in the south to the cooler breezes in the north. Put on your boots and hats, and head out for some fun! Dress in full costume and be part of the fun at festivals and faires.

pirate costumes

Pirate festivals scheduled for Spring 2010 include:

  • Privateer Day and Pyrate Invasion, April 10 in Fells Point, MD.
  • Pirate Fest, April 9-10 in Greenville, NC.
  • Contraband Days, April 27 - May 9 in Lake Charles, LA. Celebrate the rich history of the notorious pirate Jean Lafitte and his buccaneers!
  • Texas Pirate Festival May 1-2 at Middlefaire
  • Pirate Invasion Weekend at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival, May 22-23
  • Cutthroats of Corona Pyrate Festival May 29-30 in sunny CA. Celebrating the Golden Age of pirates!

Make sure you know your pirates. Buccaneers, swashbucklers, Caribbean pirates, and wenches all have their own style of dress. Pick your pirate costumes and enjoy all that pirate festivals have to offer!

pirate costumes
pirate costumes
pirate costumes
pirate costumes

Alice Costumes vs Mad Hatter and Queen

Alice in Wonderland 2010 has grossed almost $673 million worldwide since releasing 31 days ago, on March 5, 2009. Alice in Wonderland is now the top grossing film, even beating out Avatar. With the golden cast including the eccentric Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, Alice in Wonderland has exceeded everyone's expectations, and thrilled audiences across the globe.

Alice has never been the character that provided the most excitement - the Queen of Hearts and the Mad hatter have always been the notoriously abstract characters who were on the brink of insanity - if not already there. So why the attraction to Alice?

Alice CostumesAlice Costumes

Alice costumes: Alice in Wonderland costumes are expected to be the most popular costume of 2010. Alice costumes are popping up for all ages, from kids costumes to sexy adult costumes. Alice is still a sweet character for kids, but for adults, Alice represents an unconventional and confident 19 year old woman, whose life has taken a sudden turn towards a world filled with senseless illusions and riddles. The Alice costume also represents a girl who has come of age, but maintained her purity. Alice costumes appeal to a large segment of the population, but they may be in close competition with Alice's onscreen rival and friend.

Mad Hatter CostumeMad Hatter Costumes

Mad Hatter costumes: Johnny Depp played his crazed role as the kindly but mad hatter with such life and spirit, that he opened up a fun costume opportunity for both men and women. The masses were delighted by his performance, his concern for the safety of Alice, the White Queen, and all smaller creatures, and star struck by his makeup and appearance. The Mad Hatter costume is becoming increasingly popular, with very high demand. Female versions of the Mad Hatter costume exist, and hats with wild orange hair are a top selling costume accessory already.

Queen of Hearts CostumeQueen of Hearts Costumes

Queen of Hearts costumes: The Queen of Hearts is bossy and unloving, and her costumed likenesses will appear similarly. From costumes designed after Helena Bonham Carter's dress in the 2010 Tim Burton film, to sexy Queen of Hearts costumes and long ball gowns, this queen is posed for a final shot. In true Halloween tradition, the Queen of Hearts costumes offer endless makeup and hair possibilities, with heart shaped liner for lips, bright blue shadow for eyelids, and pasty white skin makeup.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sexy Role Play Costumes

Sexy role play costumes are popular with adults looking to add some spice to their life. Sexy role play costumes are like toys for grownups, and presents without a holiday. If I can stress anything at all to the general public, it would be to use sexy role play costumes to break up the monotony of life, and add some heat to daily routines. The best part about sexy role play costumes is they can be worn anywhere, at any time.

The most popular sexy role play costumes include French maids, sexy school girls, nurses, and sexy cops. The fantasies surrounding even just these four role play costumes include everything from sponge baths to playing naughty inmate and officer. Lights on or off, sun or moon, adopt the role and give it all you have.

sexy french maid costume
sexy school girl costume
sexy nurse costume
sexy cop costume

Sexy role play costumes look best when they fit, but the best part about role play is less is best! This is one of the few times your skirt doesn't need to be long enough to cover the goods - it's the design and that willingness to play that make the costume work.

Great sites to visit when searching for the best role play costume include: