Tuesday, April 6, 2010

50's Halloween Costumes

50's Halloween Costume

50's Halloween costumes bring back the days of drive ins and playing chicken in your sports cars. Oh yeah, there are the more family friendly things too, like sock hops and poodle skirts. The 50's era had a wide impact on the world with it's music, politics, and fashion.

With the Cuban Revolution and the Korean War taking place, the youth of the country had to do what they could to get their minds off things. Dances and parties, drive in diners and movies, and going to cruise Main Street with their clicks were just a few of the things that kept the 50's kids distracted.

The attire of the girls inspired 50's Halloween costumes with their poodle skirts, ponytails, and diner girl clothing. Of course the Ladies from Grease had their impact as well with the pink jackets and tight fitting leggings with high heels.

50's Sock Hop Costume

50's Grease Costume

The men left their mark on the fashion world with the infamous pastel suits, leather jackets, and open front shirts that bared all to the ladies. 50's Halloween costumes are great for anyone, and group themes are made easy with Grease costumes or sock hop themes.

50's Pink Lady Halloween Costume
With sexy bowling girls and guys to the rockers of the 50's, any taste can be met with 50's Halloween costumes. Go from girls working on cars to the gals that strut up the road in their poodle skirts. The bad girl of the 50's or the good and innocent squares are all choices with 50's Halloween costumes.

As soon as you strut into the Halloween party this year in your 50's gear you'll be hearing Rock Around the Clock and Johnny B. Goode blaring as the dancing begins.

The party will be hopping just like the gals in their poodle skirts and silk bloused tops!

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  1. its fantastic blog about the halloween costumes. the girls and te kids look so pretty and nice in this.i love it..superb job done.


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