Thursday, May 27, 2010

Get Back in the Groove with 70's Halloween Costumes

Groovy 70s Couples Costumes

70's costume ideas can turn any lame party into a groovy event that the whole town will talk about for years. Funky patterns and wild hair combined with the infamous tunes you grew up with will have everyone smiling and in a psychedelic trance. Thinking about their high school days and the way they used to love their bell bottoms and flipped out hair, your party attendees will relive the best years of their lives.

Everyone can have fun in lively colored 70's costumes. Halloween can be brightened up or a simple get together can become a one of a kind bash. Kids can take in a bit of history while dressing in colors they find fun and unique and we all know how much fun the kids can have with an afro wig and some platform shoes! Teaching the kids about your history and the history of the country can be done easily beginning with the fashion. They can have fun while learning and everyone knows that there is no better way to teach a child then adding interest and laughter into the mix.

Funky 70's Costumes

Disco days reigned throughout the 70's causing an uproar with older folks while every hip and happening teen had to be there. Rebellious teens had to have their part in the crazy look the 70's costume book holds while acting out with their drinking, and smoking, and promiscuity. Everything about the 70's disco days drove teenagers parents crazy, but the more they nagged the hotter the disco was. With its upbeat music and funky attire, discos made 70's costumes stand out the way they do today.

So many designs and styles of 70's costumes might make it hard to choose just one. Traditional 70's costume looks of bell bottoms and button up shirts to the disco shirts with sequins and gems, to the even more popular sexy 70's costumes like the sexy disco girl and the hippie chick. Sexy short dresses with flower patterns and tripped out colors will lead every eye in the room straight to you.

If you're planning a 70's costume party, don't forget the furry creatures running around the house either. Picture perfect moments of Spot and Fido running around in dreads and beads will have everyone laughing and keep the party theme flowing.

Have a diggin time in your 70's costume this Halloween!

70's Costume Party

Sexy Hippie 70's Costume

Dogs 70's Costume

Hippie Dog 70's Costume

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  1. Wow...these dogs are really so cute..the last one dog who put goggs is reaaly great to watch...i love it...


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