Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Mario and Luigi Costume for Every Game Lover

Adult Mario Costume

Mario and Luigi costume choices for kids and adults let any Nintendo fanatic become a part of his or her own at home version.

Dressing your little ones up in your favorite Mario and Luigi costume can create a world of make believe and magic in your home or backyard as Mario and Luigi out on a mission to save the lovely Pink Princess from the fateful hands of Bowser. Bouncing around on boxes and tree stumps, your little Mario Brothers team will keep themselves busy for hours on end.

Kids aren't the only ones that can have fun in a Mario and Luigi costume. Adults love the infamous brother duo too. We've been playing the Nintendo games for years and yes, most of us have become addicted to the joy and fun involved with the Mario and Luigi pair. The funny look of their attire is also something adults can have fun with. Want to be the life of the party? That set of overhalls with a red or green shirt, oversized hat, pot belly, and moustache will surely get the laughs coming in.

Womens Sexy Princess Peach Costume

Women like to play dress up when it comes to a Mario and Luigi costume theme too and what better way then as the elegant Princess Peach? Sexy and seductive Peach can have anyone in or out of a Mario and Luigi costume chasing down the enemy for her. The classic Princess Peach costume is also a good choice for family friendly parties and events where game lovers gather. Whatever look you choose, you will definitely get the respect a princess deserves. Along with the attention of every man in a Mario and Luigi costume, maybe even a few of their friends too.

So no matter which Mario and Luigi costume you choose, it's a costume decision you can't go wrong with.

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