Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Enjoy Playtime with Clown Costumes for Adults

Sad Clown Costume
Sad Clown Costume

Clown costumes are an all time classic look for Halloween. Usually kids dress up as clowns to show off their silly antics and see how many laughs they can get. Who says the kids get to have all the clown costume fun?

Clown costumes for adults let the grown ups take a time out from reality and be a kid again. Telling jokes, playing pranks, and being silly without someone looking at you like you're crazy! Yes, in a clown costume that kind of "I'm a kid again" heaven can be yours.

Scary Clown Costume
Scary Clown Costume

From circuses to birthday parties and of course Halloween eve, clown costumes for adults are seen every where. Of course there are those folks with Coulrophobia, fear of clowns, that may not like this idea so much. Scary and evil clown costumes are perfect for scaring these guys! The dark and eerie evil clown, lurking in the corner, with lashing teeth and wild hair will scare anyone, coulrophobic or not! Face it, we've all had dreams of the killer clown popping out of the ice cream truck and sucking our guts out through a straw, right? Maybe? Okay, maybe your evil clown dreams aren't that bad, but we all have them!

Sexy Clown Costume
Womens Sexy Clown Costume

Clown costumes can also have a flirty side to them! Sexy clown costumes let women show off a classic look with a seductive and exciting twist to them. Short and sassy or tighter and just a bit unique and appealing, sexy clown costumes come in a variety of looks to suit every body style and size. Colorful and already something to stand out in, clown costumes with a sexy side are a great way to get all the deserved attention without a single joke told! Every adult can have a blast in clown costumes this year. Find your perfect look!

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  1. I like the variety of the girl costume present here. I love the funny and scary costumes. These are presented here in a much better way.


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