Monday, September 27, 2010

The Best Halloween Costume Blogs to Follow

Blogging is one of the hottest ways to get out new information on almost everything, especially holidays. Halloween blogs are high traffic zones with tons of information about new costume releases, new news in movies that costumes are designed after, and anything to do with Halloween. Planning a party for this October 31st? A Halloween blog might be the perfect place to find the decor and ideas you're in need of to become the talk of the town.

Pirate CostumesPirate Costumes

Pirate costumes change year after year to suit changing styles and color schemes. The Mr.Pirate Pirate Blog is a great place to find out about many new costumes, pirate party ideas, and anything to do with piracy and the open seas. The Pirate Blog is a very informative and family friendly blog to follow that will allow you to receive updates when new information and posts are released.

Vampire CostumeVampire Costume

Vampire blogs are very intriguing among the lovers of the dark. Getting updates on vampire costumes, movie releases, and your favorite vampire television flicks are all a click away! Following the Bloody Blog from will keep you up to date on all the blood sucking news seeping out week after week. The bloody blog shares vampire movies, news, and ideas for making the most out of your Halloween experience in a vampire costume.

Scary Kids Joker CostumeScary Kids Joker Costume

The best selling costume of 2009 also has a high expectancy of selling in record numbers in 2010. The Joker made his mark on the costume world with the 2008 release of The Dark Knight staring the late Heath Ledger. The Joker Blog informs it's followers on all the new looks available for Joker fans, art and clothing, and quotes from the psychotic killer himself. Fun for kids and adults, the Joker blog is a great way to stay up to date on Batmans number one nemesis.

Halloween costume blogs are great places for finding information on the hottest looks for the season along with a large number of other topics. These are just a few of the blogs you could follow to stay up to date on your favorite look for Halloween!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Try Baby Animal Costumes for Babys First Halloween

Baby Bunny Costume
Baby Bunny Costume

Buying baby costumes, especially if it's the first Halloween your little one gets to be seen, is a fun filled adventure. Everyone wants the first Halloween to be perfect for their bundle of joy and for all the pictures that will be taken.

Animal baby costumes are one of the most popular choices for Halloween with such a large selection of looks for your tiny one. Everyone wants a costume that their baby will look adorable in, can make great pictures, and their baby will be comfortable in. With all the baby costume looks out there, dressing your baby as an animal is definitely going to leave you with the most options.

Baby bunny costumes are an ever so cute look not only for Halloween but also subs as a great outfit for babys first Easter! Made to be warm and safe for your little trick or treater, the baby bunny costume is also an adorable baby costume idea.

Bumble Bee CostumeAdorable Bumble Bee Costume

Your first night out on the town trick or treating with your little one may be your second go at Halloween. Maybe it was too cold, too early in life, just too much to take your newborn out last year? Well your first Halloween experience for your toddler can be just as eventful. Dressing your tot in an animal baby costume has so many perks. At that age, keeping the costume as a play prop is a great way to let your children expand their imaginations.

Baby bears, lions, frogs, monkeys, bumble bees, and puppies are all attractive looks for your baby this Halloween. Animal baby costumes have that innocent look that your little guy or girl should have at that age. You can't go wrong with animal baby costumes!

Animal Baby CostumesAnimal Baby Costumes