Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Red Riding Hood Has Her Day at the Movies

Red Riding Hood Grandmother's HouseRed Riding Hood at Grandmother's House

Red Riding Hood has finally made it to the big screen! Red Riding Hood hit theaters on March 11 and was received by its target audience with great enthusiasm. I was also part of that demographic, and I was very much pleased.

Red Riding Hood combines all of the elements of the classic fairytale - the red cloak, grandmother's house being through the woods, a woodcutter desiring Red, and a wolf out to use what he knows about Red against her. Red even has a dream where she shares a dialogue regarding her grandmother's surprisingly large ears and pointy teeth.

There is definitely a risk of cliche movie making, but director Catherine Hardwicke managed to use the cliche elements and create an environment that was very real. Consider this: a classic medieval village in the middle of nowhere, two men who love the same girl, arranged marriages, a wolf-killer brought in to protect the people, and a strange animal that is hunting the villagers. Great potential for a bad movie, but all weaved together to instead create a fairytale that could otherwise not be brought to life.

Red Riding Hood MovieRed Riding Hood running through the village

Red's family had an impact on the movie, to say the least. Grandmother was a beauty, not at all as depicted in any of the versions of the fairytale I have ever read. With long blonde dreadlocks, healing salves and a true hippie nature, Grandmother would be a catch today! Mom wasn't bad, either, although her own secrets keep her from being enviable. Dad, well, we can all confirm he does his best to keep Red with him at all times.

Red Riding Hood GrandmotherRed and her Grandmother

Now that Red Riding Hood has had her day at the movies, she will also be sure to enjoy a few years of flattery through imitation. Red Riding Hood costumes have a sweet innocence to them, whether for kids or adults. Sexy Red Riding Hood costumes have always been popular, and this year we are sure to see an increase in long red cloaks. I wonder if the big bad wolf will also have his day...

Red Riding Hood costumesRed Riding Hood