Monday, June 20, 2011

The Hangover Returns with Great Costume Ideas

The Hangover Part II

The Hangover cast returns in The Hangover Part II for another bachelor party gone wrong. This time, Stu is getting married in Thailand, and the gang, consisting of Stu, Phil, Alan and Stu's soon-to-be brother-in-law, Teddy, wake up in Bangkok--minus Teddy, plus Chow and a monkey. The gang has two days to remember the events of the mysterious night and find the missing Teddy so they can get Stu back to Thailand to marry the gorgeous Laura.

Like the last movie, this one has great opportunities for simple yet hilarious costumes. At the start of the movie, the group looks put together and posh on their way out of America, but that soon changes. Post-bachelor party, Phil's outfit consists of a dirty white button-up, khakis and aviators. Stu has a great new tattoo (styled after the famous Mike Tyson who later makes a cameo appearance), khakis and a red and gray plaid shirt. Alan has shaved his head and adopted a drug-dealing monkey on top of wearing a yellow t-shirt depicting a yellow lab.

The group hiding Chow's body in an ice machine after mistaking him as dead.

Most of the clothes worn in the movie could be picked up at a thrift store or found online for cheap. For a great prop for any costume from the movie, compliment with a stuffed monkey (smoking a cigarette if you're daring). A pack of marshmallows are the culprit of this movie's drug-induced night, so if you're dressing as Alan, carry around a pack for a cheap, easy prop. Offer them to party goers and see how many people refuse. For Stu's tattoo, try using makeup or face paint.

This movie offers a lot more costume options than the first due to its larger group of characters. Even Laim Neeson makes a cameo as a Bangkok tattoo artist who informs the group that they stole an old Buddhist monk in a wheelchair from a monestary. No matter what the size of your group, you can pull it off with The Hangover Part II costumes.

Stu's new tattoo

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