Thursday, July 7, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon - with Simple or Extremely Challenging Costume Options

I've been a fan of Transformers since before I even knew what a car was--alright, that's an exaggeration. But I was definitely a fan before I could even buckle myself up and my parents still had to do it for me. There's just something about toy cars that could turn into awesome robots that made me, admittedly a little girl who hated Barbie dolls, and my brother go crazy for them.

Every time a Transformers movie comes out, regardless of how good or bad I feel it's going to be, I go see it. Honestly, I think watching robots pummel each other to death is worth a $10 ticket, don't you? In that regard, Transformers: Dark of the Moon does not disappoint. There are more Transformers, bigger and badder than ever, and fight scenes the likes of which War of the Worlds hasn't even seen.

Rosie Huntington joins the cast as Sam's new girlfriend, taking the place of Megan Fox. These's outfits would be really easy to do as you could find these clothes anywhere, and dirtying them up is as easy as rolling around in some dirt. Pair with a Transformer (or even a sharp car if you happen to own one of those) for a great costume group.

I mean, really, who wouldn't want to be that for Halloween?

Seriously, go see the movie. And I mean now. If you like cars and robots and happen to drool over them like I do, bring a mop bucket because this movie is filled with eye candy.

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