Friday, August 19, 2011

Flaunt with Sexy Devil Costumes

This Halloween, I want to rock the party and my man's world with a sexy devil costume! This is a bit daring for me. In the past, I would find the most modest costume that covered a lot of skin to wear on Halloween. But with all the P90x I have been doing, I can finally wear a sexy, revealing costume with confidence. Check this sexy devil costume I found out.

Sexy Devil Costume
Sexy Devil Costume

It is called the Sexy Hell to Pay Light up Devil Costume. The underwire cups lined with flame lights are what makes the costume so sexy. I know my man will be proud to have such a hot date! I personally love that the horns headband lights up and that the garters are included. To complete my look, I went all out and found this awesome Red Devil Makeup tutorial. This tutorial has a cool trick using fishnet pantyhose that really makes the makeup look wicked!

My man and I typically like to coordinate our costumes. Since we go to all the parties together, dressing up with matching themes is more fun. Plus, with us matching, everyone will think we are the cutest couple. For him, I found the Adult Sinister Devil Costume. Once he puts this on, all he needs to do is slick his hair back to get that powerful, evil look.

Male Halloween Costume
Adult Sinister Devil Costume

I know it may be over the top, but I have decided to dress our dog up too! He will be the cutest devil at the party with his devil horns and red cape. We will have a good excuse to bring him along to the parties since he is dressed up too. I think everyone will find the idea of us all wearing matching devil costumes adorable. They will want to get pictures of the devil trio!

Dog Wearing Cape and Horns
Dog Wearing Cape and Devil Horns

Of course this trio idea works perfectly for me but there are other fun combinations too. Go as a group that includes a priest, an angel and a devil. Or you and your best friend can go as a devil, angel duo. Dressing as a devil will definitely impress. I know I cannot wait to flaunt my sexy devil costume.

Angel Priest Devil Trio
Angel Priest Devil Trio

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  1. Miss dracular and the hubby and even the dog, classic. Best costume for me. Just need a missus now.


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