Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Creators of the Joker and Captain America Pass

Recent Deaths in the Comics

Joe Simon (98) and Jerry Robinson (89) have passed away within a week of each other, leaving the comics industry short of two big names. As remaining members from the Golden Age of Comics, they contributed heavily to the industry as we know it through their stories, pencils, inks, and Jerry Robinson, Creator of the Jokeroutreach to fans of all ages. Both men were inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame during their lifetime, and their loss will be felt by their fans now and for years to come.

The Laugh Behind the Joker

Jerry Robinson's legacy made for one of the most popular movies in Hollywood cinema, The Dark Knight. Creator of Batman villain the Joker, Robinson was most well known for his pencils on Detective Comics, the original Batman run. Robinson's contributions to Batman helped Bob Kane make the comic what it was, giving it life through characters such as Two Face Harvey Dent and Batman's sidekick, Robin. In his person life, he was also an advocate of creators' rights in the copyright fight over comic book characters and a political cartoonist.

Captain America's Shield

A pioneer in the comics industry, Joe Simon created Captain America, the iconic figure that summed up American ideals and Joe Simon, Creator of Captain Americafreedoms during the war-torn time period of World War II. Simon was responsible for perhaps the most famous comic book cover in history: the image of Captain American punching Hitler.

Throughout his life, Simon expanded his work from artist to editor and publisher. He was one of the starting hands in Timely Comics, which would later become Marvel Comics, a big player in the industry to this day. With one of the largest portfolios in the industry, the world will mourn the loss of Joe Simon, who lived just long enough to enjoy his biggest creation on the silver screen this past May when Captain America punched Hitler in Hollywood.

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